Investor Relationships

What is in our Investor Relationship?

So far our operations has been “On the go sales” where by, we have managed to bring in business without additional assets.

We have also maintained “on the fly inventory” where in we cut out the need of warehousing or buffer stocking, where we pick out at our supplier’s before delivery.

The goal here is being an e-shop we want ourselves to be easily flexible and accessible to our customer.

The question, if business is running street style without any substantial costs, with maximum profit ratio. Why an investor?

That is because, in order to expand we need to grow our relationship largely with the supplier community and our logistic partnerships. We also have hindrance with financial injections because no assets, no inventory = no mortgages for operational loans. This is where we seek individuals or groups to fall in. If you would like further details in financials and operationals do drop into the inquiry. Thank you,


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